Hi, welcome to my little crafty place on the web! I,ve been crafting one way or another all my life, and card making for the last 8 years and am now totally hooked! I live with my husband of 32 years, Robert and two children, Claire, 24 and Andy, 21. I am a primary school teacher and currently teach 6 year olds.

Monday, 9 April 2012


Cameron's card, mark 2!!! This is more like Dexter, hope Cameron had a great first birthday!


  1. Hi Janny I like this card tons better than your first one. The black and white is far more striking. I love your zoo card too.
    Ann xxx
    from the Sheenie Blog Hop

  2. Thats a cheeky looking cat - LOL Fun card, very nice xx

  3. some cute cards - enjoying browsing.
    Kim x
    via JS blog hop

  4. Love the card, fabulous cat! Silv x

  5. Love the card - how cute! Loved visiting your blog - this 'blog hop' has been a great way of seeing lots of different styles of cardmaking. Great blog Janny. Hugs, Jayne

  6. That so delightful - love it x